• Jurnal Spektrum Komunikasi

    Spektrum Communication Journal is an academic journal published twice annually (June and December) by Stikosa-AWS in collaboration with ISKI-Jatim, APJIKI, and ASPIKOM. This journal publishes original researches in multi concepts, theories, perspectives, paradigms and methodologies in the communications studies perspective.

    The focus of this journal is in the communication studies perspective and the scope of the journal are:

    1. Journalistics;

    2. Public Relations;

    3. Broadcasting (TV and Film);

    4. Marketing & Tourism Communication;

    5. Media  and Studies;

    6. Gender Studies;

    7. Advertising;

    Every received article should follow the Author guidelines. Any submitted paper will be reviewed by reviewers. The review process employs Double-blind Review that the reviewer does not know the identity of the author, and the author does not know the identity of the reviewers.