Cultural Resistance Form of Tattoo as a Pop Culture in Jakarta

  • Teguh Hidayatul Rachmad Bunda Mulia University Jakarta
  • Kho Gerson Ralph Manuel Universitas Bunda Mulia
Keywords: Counter Culture, Tattoo, Liminal Situation


Within the eastern culture, Tattoo has various meanings. They were resulting in range of perceptions towards people with a tattoo on their body. This study aimed to explore the alteration of meaning towards Tattoo in Indonesian urban society. This study use ethnography aimed to explain reasons and elements behind a cultural phenomenon. Liminal situation theory, used as an analysis tool to explore Tattoo cultural resistance.

The results show that various meanings and symbols are attached to a tattoo in the act of self-expression method. Further results show that Tattoo also has a function as a cultural preservation method, notably Indonesian culture, in the form of a sub-culture. Tattoos are not only popular and owned by one group of people within a society but in a huge range of ages and social hierarchies.


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Rachmad, T. H., & Manuel , K. G. R. (2022). Cultural Resistance Form of Tattoo as a Pop Culture in Jakarta. Jurnal Spektrum Komunikasi, 10(2), 194-205.